High Quality Products

Vertical integration of the parent company, AVANGARDCO IPL, allows managing and controlling the entire production cycle – from the breeding of laying hens to packaging and transportation of dry egg products. We aim to uphold the highest standards of quality care at every stage of production; that is why our products are always of the highest standards.

The Imperovo Foods’ egg products are of a high quality and safe for consumption, which is confirmed by numerous international quality certificates and the choice of thousands of customers across the globe. We value our clients’ trust and remain committed to providing the utmost quality of our products.

With a view to detecting and preventing any fraud, Imperovo Foods has improved its label security for all types of dry egg products. In particular, from 1 October 2019, our labels contain the following security features:

1) QR coding with reference to the Imperovo Foods website;

2) Custom сolours, developed specifically for Imperovo Foods;

3) A unique identifier number that is linked to our security system as well as other features, which we cannot disclose.

For more information, please call: +38 044 393 40 50.

In order to prevent the counterfeiting and misuse of labels belonging to the Enterprise, the company's website provides information on product labels, in particular on its affiliation and registration, and also details of its appearance and content with a demonstration of appearance, and to indicate that any encroachment on the rights of the owner of the certificate provided for in Article 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Rights to Trademarks for Goods and Services", including the commission without consent of the owner of the certificate of action requiring his consent, and preparation for the commission and actions considered a violation of the rights of the owner of the certificate, which entails responsibility in accordance with the laws of Ukraine (Article 20 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of trademark").

For reference. The label is a tag, an inscription, a label containing drawings or inscriptions, written, printed, printed with a stencil, pushed out or pushed and affixed to the unit of packaging with food. Definition of the label is contained in paragraph 23 of Part 1 of the Law of Ukraine "On Basic Principles and Requirements for the Safety and Quality of Food Products" (this item is valid until 06.08.2019), and from 06.08.2019 this definition will be contained in the Law of Ukraine "On Information for consumers in respect of food products "(Clause 7, Clause 1, Clause 1).

According to Part 1, Clause 4 of Art. 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Rights to Trademarks for Goods and Services": "The use of the mark shall be deemed to be applied to any product for which the mark is registered, the packaging containing such a product, the sign associated with it, the label, a stylus, a tag or other item attached to a product, the storage of such a product with the indicated marking for the purpose of offering for sale, offering it for sale, sale, import (import) and export (export)"

Since the label contains marks for goods and services, the name of the product and other inscriptions belonging to the Enterprise in case of their illegal use (by copying, forging or by other means), the person will bear responsibility in accordance with Article 229 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine in the form of a fine from two hundred up to one thousand tax-free minimum incomes, or correctional labor for a term up to two years, or imprisonment for the same term, with the confiscation of relevant products and tools and materials that are were used physiologically for its manufacture in the event that such use caused material damage to a significant extent (that is, if its size twenty times exceeds the non-taxable minimum income of citizens).