High Quality Products

Vertical integration of the parent company, AVANGARDCO IPL, allows managing and controlling the entire production cycle – from the breeding of laying hens to packaging and transportation of egg products. We aim to uphold the highest standards of quality care at every stage of production; that is why our products are always of the highest standards.

Pasteurised frozen liquid whole egg

Suitable for confectionery and baked products, ready meals, dressings etc.

The advantage of this product is its homogeneous texture. The product is free from shell fragments and cross-contamination.

Pasteurised frozen liquid whole egg. 1 kilogram of frozen liquid whole egg corresponds to 20-24 fresh eggs.

Keep in a clean and well ventilated area.

At a temperature not over - 18°C: 15 months.
At a temperature not over - 12°C: 10 months.
At a temperature not over - 6°C: 6 months.

Food grade plastic jug of 20 kg. 1 pallet - 36 boxes - 720 kg (net).

Typical ValuesGuaranteed Values
Analytical data:Dry solids weight ratio23.0%23.0%
Albumen matter weight
ratio, %, not less than
Fat weight ratio, %,
not less than
Microbiological data:Total plate count<5.000 CFU/g<5.000 CFU/g
Coliform bacterias10 MAX10 MAX
Salmonella, 25gNegativeNegative
Yeast10 MAX CFU/g10 MAX CFU/g